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In the real world, the true “tooth fairies” are all the dental professionals out there -- namely hardworking dental assistants -- who like myself, want nothing more than to help you preserve your natural teeth and smile. 

Welcome! I'm Cherie -- a career pediatric dental assistant, and member of the American Dental Assistants Association. An important part of dental assisting involves firsthand interaction with patients (and parents) before, during, and after procedures. In this capacity, it is my job to help keep everyone both comfortable and informed. 

However, there seems to be a general "disconnect" in terms of  public understanding on the impact of oral care in relation to overall health. Likely, this disconnect is rooted in how society views dentistry. Unfortunately, dentistry is often viewed or treated as a wholly separate or distinct part of medical care. However, dentistry is as much a part of our healthcare system, as the oral cavity is part of a whole (body). 

The first step toward optimal health begins with the mouth -- everything from what is put into it to the words spoken out of it, affect our well being. Daily work in dental practice allows me the privilege to educate and thus empower families by providing the preventative services and/or information that best suit their needs. Likewise, this blog serves as a platform to further promote oral health awareness in our community, connect you (the readers) with dental providers and services, including dental assisting career advice and industry news. Thank you for visiting!