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NO Laughing Gas Required

Progressive Dentistry: It's Alive!

Maybe I'm a bit weird but I enjoy dental hygiene visits. It's relaxing, afterwards my teeth feel like polished pearls, and I get to indulge in "shop talk" with the hygienist -- who's more than happy to share what she's learned from dental conferences attended between our appointments. Of course, she does most of the talking as there's an ultrasonic scaler and saliva ejector down my throat, but I'm all ears!  She recently returned from a dental conference in Tampa, FL where they discussed a procedure involving laser treatment to significantly combat gum disease. She said, the procedure is used in conjunction with SRP. Pardon if this is a gross simplification, but basically the laser is able to reach areas far under the gingival tissue and remove infection, as well as promote faster healing and gum tissue regeneration (which brings me to my next point). While listening intently, I immediately thought of tweet I saw last week that went something like, &qu…