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Progressive Dentistry: Does Cannabis Smoking Cause Oral Cancer?

In a recent DentistryIQ article, Dr. Iman Sadri explains that in the wake of state-by-state marijuana legalization and health care/drug reform policies, many in the health care community are concerned medical and recreational use of cannabis poses a real health threat...

So, does marijuana use cause oral cancer development? To put it blatantly, the answer is no. According to, "cannabis smoke - unlike tobacco smoke - has not been definitively linked to cancer in humans. Marijuana smoke does contain many of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Ironically, those carcinogens are not cancer causing. In fact, cannabis also contains cannabinoids, such as THC, which contain anticancer properties, including the slowing of inflammatory aspects of the immune system that slow the growth of  free-radicals (unstable atoms which lead to cancer progression)."
Personally, I do not believe Dr. Sadri conveyed this research as a pass for patients or anyone else to go out and get stone…