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Cyborgs Have Dental Appointments Too


Isn't that one of the coolest things you've ever seen!?

Who's to thank for these cool gadgets? On second thought, perhaps calling a cybernetic robot a "gadget" is like calling an Alfa Romeo a "car", right? Lol. Well, it's no secret that on a global scale Japan pioneers in the realm of technology; specifically, the robotics industry. From the "tooth patch" (world's first flexible apatite sheet), Playstation (sorry, couldn't resist), to freakishly human-like androids -- such as the Simroid by J. Morita Manufacturing Corp., and the latest Showa Hanako II by Japanese robot maker, Tmsuk -- Japan has wooed the world again with yet another technological advancement.  
"Showa University has announced Showa Hanako 2, a robot dental patient fabricated by robot maker Tmsuk. Compared with its predecessor Showa Hanako 1, this robot is designed to be more realistic, functional, and easier to use. Showa Hanako 2 will actually be sold by the dental supply company The Yoshida Dental Manufacturing." -DigInfoTV
At the risk of sounding cliche, dental cyborgs are [indeed] the wave of the future. It is my hope that cyborg patients become commonplace in dental schools everywhere. Of course, nothing could ever replace real life experience and/or interaction with live patients. However, practicing on robots/cyborgs is by far a close second; not to mention they've made the "Dexter head" practically obsolete.