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Many women (and especially our young girls) are killing themselves literally and figuratively trying to fit into society's standard of beauty. There's nothing wrong with enhancing our natural beauty. However, the root of the problem is when we hate what we see in the mirror to begin with -- and to the point of utilizing makeup, beauty products, and surgery to mask (completely change) our appearance. Discernment and moderation is key in everything we do in life. The way we treat and view our bodies is especially true. In example, it is one thing to whiten our teeth in order to enhance our smile and/or self-image. Yet, it's another to whiten teeth to the point it a) appears unnatural and b) causes erosion to tooth enamel and inflammation to the surrounding gum tissue. Out of shape? Under or overweight? Take time with yourself, and nurture your body: Consult a physician and start a healthy exercise and meal plan. NEVER purge, starve yourself, or consume risky diet pills. Bottom line, I know it's not easy learning to love and accept our "flaws" but the best thing to do is embrace ourselves wholeheartedly. Love your inner and outer beauty, and by all means enhance those aspects, but never COMPROMISE WHO YOU ARE. 


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    1. Thank you! What an awesome comment to see first thing in the morning. You're welcome and I look forward to sharing more. Take care and thanks again.



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