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...special shout out to Starbucks for seeing me through...

Memorable Moment

I was fortunate to attend one of few dental assisting programs which offers a coordinated internship program with a four-year college/university. 
I had the opportunity to assist with restorations, fillings, extractions, and root canals; it was a unique and rewarding experience to intern alongside fellow dental career students (dentists and hygienists). Meanwhile, we had a wonderful internship coordinator/liaison whose been working with dental, hygiene, and assistant students long before many us were even born! As a former dental assistant, she was well aware of the specific challenges we face as dental assistants and has been a "mother hen" to us advice and helping each of us feel comfortable and informed as we transition not only into a new environment but career. Well, on the last day of the internship program, my classmates and I surprised her with a small gesture of appreciation. It was the least we could do for a person so dedicated and kind. 


Practice Makes Perfect

...this is harder than it looks. Well here goes LOL...learning how to create alginate impressions for the first time... Yay! So, after a few attempts I was able to get the alginate loaded into the tray, and onto the typodont before it began to set.