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Practicing with HVE

Classmates and I had fun during the first day of clinical practice; here we're learning how to suction on each other with the high volume evacuator (HVE) and air-water syringe.

How to Choose a Dental Assisting Program

Individuals interested in a career in dental assisting will find programs offered through colleges, vocational, and private institutions. And it is important to consider the differences between these programs in order to get the most out of your education and money. With that in my mind; I'm writing this in hopes it may help you because depending upon your needs, certain programs may or may not serve you.
Today, working adults and career-changers alike seek to further their education around a budget and a busy schedule. Academic institutions have since recognized this trend and support student demands by implementing night classes, online courses, and accelerated degree programs. Accelerated and/or "fast-track" dental assisting programs courses are generally offered through private programs or institutions. However, these schools tend to cost on average two to three times more per credit hour than a traditional community college or university. Furthermore, accelerated pr…