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Got Scrubs?

Scrubs are easy to find and usually sold at department stores. I found a white, lab jacket at Walmart today for about $16.00. Just too bad they didn't sell the long ones. Of course, has an array of styles and brands. Luckily my mom (whose now retired) had tons of cute scrubs she no longer needs. So, the Dental Instruments pocket guide finally arrived today! And by way, actually cheaper online via Amazon than if I'd purchased it through the college bookstore. The book is as small as a Kindle fire but sturdy, and has 717 pages. The info is concise with detailed, high resolution pictures of the instruments. It even has a cutesy, Velcro button to help secure the book when you close it.

Dental Instruments: A Pocket Guide (4th Edition) by Bartolomucci Boyd, Linda R.