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NO Laughing Gas Required

Remember this little guy? LOL. 

Confessions 101

So far it's been six months since starting the Dental Assisting course, nearly two weeks since starting this blog, and four days into the 2nd semester and counting. From the onset, I told my instructors about my dental prosthesis so there would be no surprises on their behalf. However, I was mortified by the idea of "going public" a.k.a everybody else finding out! Emotionally, I just wasn't ready for that...

In my mind, it felt like I'd be faced with reliving my school days all over again; and the fears and insecurities from my past reared it's ugly head more now than ever. I simply did not want to be ostracized and/or treated differently by my peers. Often, fear itself is worse than the actual issue.  It's funny how hard we can be on ourselves. We fear people will judge and/or mistreat us based on our real or imagined shortcomings. We fear not being accepted for who we are -- and yes, at times this is the case. It's life. Not everyone is going to lik…

Got Scrubs?

Scrubs are easy to find and usually sold at department stores. I found a white, lab jacket at Walmart today for about $16.00. Just too bad they didn't sell the long ones. Of course, has an array of styles and brands. Luckily my mom (whose now retired) had tons of cute scrubs she no longer needs. So, the Dental Instruments pocket guide finally arrived today! And by way, actually cheaper online via Amazon than if I'd purchased it through the college bookstore. The book is as small as a Kindle fire but sturdy, and has 717 pages. The info is concise with detailed, high resolution pictures of the instruments. It even has a cutesy, Velcro button to help secure the book when you close it.

New Year, New Career!

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WELCOME!!! After a tumultuous year filled with uber highs and lows that left us all reeling...I think it's safe to we're happy to count our blessings and get on with the business of life...fiscal cliff or not.

The holidays provided much needed R&R but I'm simply ready to hit the books! In about a week I'll return to campus and quite literally "fake it 'til I make it" during my internship this spring. I can't wait to begin working with live patients and gain hands-on experience. As part of a CODA accredited dental assisting program (beware of bogus programs), my first semester began with introductory/lecture courses where we focused on the history and philosophy behind the dental industry and related professions, oral and facial anatomy, practical infection control, dental terminology, and diseases or the mouth. Flash cards are my best friend! There's so much detailed information to acquire, at times I thought "what hav…